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Calm Company Summits
Calm Company Summits
Calm Company Summits
Calm Company Summits
Calm Company Summits
Calm Company Summits
Calm Company Summits
Calm Company Summits
Calm Company Summits
Calm Company Summits
Calm Company Summits
Calm Company Summits

Notable Attendees

Tech Leaders
Consumer & Communities

Why partner with us?


Showcase how your company truly “walks the walk” to a global community of decision-makers building the future.

Our team will work with you to tap into our deep experience of Calm Companies to position your brand to succeed on a global stage.

Past Examples

Being showcased in our digital community, across social channels and in-person at each Summit


Highlight how your solutions are the choice for every industry-leading company. Place your brand at the forefront of an industry issue, launch a new product, or lead a masterclass or roundtable. Web Summit secures your spot at the discussions that matter most to your company.

Past Examples

Co-creating content to share how to use your solutions at an expert level

Leading a fireside chat, running a tactical workshop


Our networking is unparalleled as it's all centered around “immersive positive collisions” with every attendee. You’ll build better working relationships faster through curated events in amazing venues throughout incredible cities.

Past Examples

Shooting bows and arrows while discussing the latest growth strategies

Floating down in a riverboat while ideating how to best partner up

Jumping off a dock into lakes while sharing remote-first opportunities


Our attendees are the leaders choosing the products and solutions of the future. Rub elbows with industry-leading experts who know what the next big “thing” will be years before it happens.

Past Examples

Hosting in-person office hours to highlight your company’s offerings with relevant prospects

Getting a list of contacts before and after the event to follow up

Previous Sponsors

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2023 Summit Calendar

In 2023, we’re hosting Summits across the world. Let us know which one(s) you’d like to sponsor:
a body of water with boats in it and buildings around it


Coastal Europe is a celebrated destination for digital nomads for a reason. What better place to connect with your fellow founders?

Summer 2023

a group of tables and chairs on a deck with a view of a mountain and trees and a


Waterfalls, s'mores, and solid WiFi. This US-based Summit lets you connect with fellow founders while you reconnect with nature.

Summer/Fall 2023

Mount Fuji in the distance


Our first premium retreat, exclusively for later stage founders. Equal parts immersive cultural experience and facilitated founder mastermind.

Details TBA — Fall 2023

a wall with flags

Mexico City

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Mexico at what just might be our most metropolitan Summit.

Spring 2024

Sponsorship Tiers

Our sponsorship packages and offerings are designed to be customized and are on a per-event basis (except for where noted).

For questions or clarifications, reach out to partnerships@calmfund.com.


All sponsorship opportunities for Calm Summits 2023 will sell out so please book a meeting with our team soon to get your company involved.