Incredible experiences & exhilarating ideas for calm builders.

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Connect with a community of founders and funders of profitable, sustainable, calm businesses.

Calm Company Summits
2023 - from Italy to Asheville
Calm Company Summits
2023 - from Italy to Asheville
Calm Company Summits
2023 - from Italy to Asheville
Calm Company Summits
2023 - from Mexico to Europe
Calm Company Summits
2023 - from Mexico to Europe
Calm Company Summits
2023 - from Mexico to Europe
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Quality time with quality people.

The best parts of any conference are often the hallway sessions—those moments of spontaneous, organic connection outside of the structured program. From boat rides to waterfall hikes, Calm Summits unite the brilliant people and provide the framework necessary to make those moments happen.

You get to learn from the brightest minds in calm business-building in ways that make the lessons and overall experience unforgettable.

Upcoming Events

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The Core Principles of Calm Company Summits

We do events very differently from your typical startup/tech conference.

A curated low-ego crowd.

All our events are “open application, but invite-only” and we take great care to make sure each event is full of low-ego, open-minded, curious humans building calm companies. It goes without saying that we have a strictly enforced No A**holes policy.

Content that sparks conversations and compliments connection.

Too many conferences force attendees to sit quietly, listening to star-studded keynote content that—let’s be honest—would be better listened to as a podcast episode while you do something else. Our content programming is highly interactive, mostly in workshop format, and doesn’t dominate the event agenda.

A setting that is optimized for connection with other attendees.

You flew from around the world to be in a space with other builders of calm companies and our Summits are designed for you to make the most of connecting with those people on a deep level. There’s time to talk built into the agenda, space to play where you can just have fun together, and a sense of adventure to deepen relationships.

An excellent experience is table stakes for us.

Forget drab conference centers and stuffy hotels. All our summits feature cozy spaces, delicious food and drink, and a hefty dash of local culture. And by the way, our events are radically family-friendly and offer on-site childcare options wherever possible. Spouses, partners, plus ones, and little ones are all welcome to join.

Past Events

Curious about the vibe at our Summits? Check out these recap videos from our prior Founder Summit events for a taste of what we're about.

Camp Edition 2022

CDMX 2021

Founder love from previous Summits

PAst Speakers

Brilliant builders, founders, and funders from every industry.
Sahil Lavingia
Founder, Gumroad
Ben Orenstein
Co-Founder, Tuple
Natalie Nagele
Co-Founder & CEO, Wildbit
Dru Riley
Janessa White
Co-founder & CEO, Simply Eloped
Jonny Miller
Founder, Curious Humans
Molly & Meherwan Irani
Co-Founders, Chai Pani Restaurant Group
Steph Smith
Podcast Host, Andreessen Horowitz

Past Sponsors

Who is Calm Company Fund?

That’s us! 👋 We invest early in profitable, sustainable, calm businesses, and have been doing so since 2019.
With 70+ companies in our portfolio, we recognize that most resources available to founders offer pretty conventional growth advice—advice that doesn’t necessarily apply to someone trying to bootstrap a profitable SaaS rather than chase a Series A. So, with our own portfolio’s success in mind, we built the type of event we wanted to see in the world. It’s one focused on knowledge sharing, curiosity, humility, and sustainable growth—an event celebrating the entire ecosystem of founders and funders of calm businesses.

Learn more about our thesis and our portfolio companies right here.